Orange River Rafting

Over the last few years, we have had an awesome time on the river with your guests. The demand for Rafting with us has grown and we are loving it..  especially our Orange River rafting experience and our New Years Orange River rafting. We have facilitated a number of large corporate groups and school camps. The special treat is however the families and friends we host. This adventure is a life-changing experience.

The Orange River Gorge where we have 80% of our trips has the most spectacular and easy runnable white water section of the Orange River at the times of the year we operate.

We started at Onseepkans, a small settlement on the banks of the Orange River in Northern Cape Province, South Africa. It is a border post with Namibia for traffic between Pofadder in South Africa and Keetmanshoop in Namibia. The name either originated from a combination of three Nama words: ‘tconsiep’ (an elbow projecting into the river), ‘nias’ (a rocky surface), and ‘tcaans’ (thorntrees), or a derivative of a nama word that means ‘watering place for cattle’.

Deep in the Kalahari, the river cuts through a moonscape of granite cliffs with the amazing Gariep Falls tumbling into the Orange River Gorge.

We raft downriver over several days. Our Campsites along the river are as unique as the experience.

The Highlight of the Orange River rafting trip will be the Orange River Gorge where we porterage all our equipment down into the River

The Orange River Gorge is a very remote destination and only accessible by foot or rafting – it is one of the most undisturbed sights you will ever witness.

Once at the bottom of the Gorge we paddle a few meters up to where we see the Waterfall dropping into the Gorge itself before proceeding further.

It’s always easy to go on the river with any operator but we do believe that utilizing one of the most remote sections of the river adds to the whole experience.  We do not take groups larger than 20 guests (unless it is a school or corporate group)  We guarantee an unforgettable experience with a lifetime of memories.  We also take loads of pictures and they are included in your rate.

We have a number of options from transport included to budget rafting trips.

Email us if you need any additional information at or call 083 5173635

Herewith are a few pictures of our last river rafting trips.

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