Feedback from our last Orange River Rafting Expedition – April 2014


Once again we had a wonderful and near-perfect Orange River Rafting expedition – Near perfect you ask? – we lost a bucket and luckily a small amount of food at the notorious Big Bunny rapid.

Orange river rafting - rapid

Hosting and guiding the Graham family was an absolute treat and the 5 girls kept us entertained all the way on our Orange River Rafting expedition. The flow of the river was also extremely forgiving with hardly any paddling required and a number of nice (but safe) large rapids as we descended downriver on our rafting expedition.

This Full Moon expedition was in stark contrast to our normal star-filled night sky. The Moon however illuminated the canyons and mountains and gave us a wonderful display in the night sky – it’s amazing how everything just seems to come alive at night.

We also in addition to our normal rafting expeditions took some much needed time to sample the Orange River Water Quality – With a sample net in hand, we collected Aquatic Invertebrates and with the help of Mark from Ground Truth and an illustrated guide book we started to identify the invertebrates – the more invertebrates are found in the sample the better the water quality – Very interesting!! Herewith is also a link to the website….. I can’t wait to sample this section of the river again on our next visit.

Part of our Orange River Rafting expedition travels through the spectacular Orange River Gorge. Most of the expedition is easy runnable white waters.

Deep in the Kalahari, the river cuts through a moonscape of granite cliffs with the amazing Gariep Falls tumbling into the Orange River Gorge.

We run downriver over several days. Our Campsites along the river are as unique as the experience. Join us now for an unforgettable experience.

Info: Orange River, river in southern Africa, one of the longest rivers on the continent and one of the longest south of the Tropic of Capricorn. After rising in the Lesotho Highlands, less than 125 miles (200 kilometres) from the Indian Ocean, the river flows to the Atlantic Ocean in a generally westerly direction for some 1,300 miles. The Orange traverses the veld region of South Africa, after which it defines the southern limit of the Kalahari and bisects the southern Namib before draining into the Atlantic at Alexander Bay, S.Af. Along its course the river forms the eastern boundary of the South African province of Free State, as well as the boundary between Namibia and South Africa.  Source: Britannica

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